Panorama Picture of the Orangerie in Kassel, Germany
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Germany is a country located in the heart of ‘the old continent’ that has the densest population in Europe. Until 1871, Germany was not a unified country, but an association of territorial states gathered under the name of “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”.

Germany is delimited by the Alps Mountains in the south, the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic Sea in the north-east. Its beautiful and varied landscape and its hospitable people make Germany a favourite among the tourist destinations in Europe. Germany is a country of contrasts because it mixes the cosmopolite urban living with traditional villages and romantic castles.

You will never get bored during a trip to Germany because there are many exciting activities you can attend such as outdoor events and festivals, hiking, cycling, swimming, visit the museums, cathedrals and castles scattered all over this charming country. Germany is also a perfect destination for cultural tourists who can visit over 6000 museums scattered all over the country. There are many types of museums in Germany, enough to fit any taste and interest.

One of the greatest sources of pride for Germans is Germany’s classical music traditions. This is why there are so many classic music festivals and traditions in Germany that celebrate some of the greatest composers in the world that called Germany their home (Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Handel or Wagner).

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